Kari Tek Roof Racks

Adventure Elements can now load and carry sea kayaks for small groups with ease. Our new karitek roof rack can take up to four boats which means we don’t have to drag the trailer everywhere when we are working with smaller groups.
Adventure Elements are a Kari Tek Dealer and can fit and supply karitek easy load roof racks as well as there full range of skegs and trolleys.
For a demo or for more information give us a call – 07986992254.


We have just returned from the 2008 Canoexpo in Coventry. A great weeknd where we got to catch up with a lot of old faces and meet some new ones. Loads of people came over for a chat and we hope to see some of you on the water in 2008.
A big thanks to brook bank for organsing the event which seemed really succesfull and I hope it will run again next year.
Thanks to everyone who came and had a chat with us about our courses, expeditions, repairs and for a general chin wag.

Whats been happening

Well its been a busy few weeks. There have been a few white water courses running and lots of prep for this sesons range of sea kayaking courses and expeditions including a trip to the west coast of scotland with Pete Jones in May.
Nice weather and beautiful clear skies have made for some fantastic days on the water and I am really looking foward to spring and the start of the busy period for us.


Adventure Elements are pleased to now offer the full range of Nookie and Delta kayaking equipment and clothing and the full range of Mitchell Blades kayak paddles.

Nookie is known for its well built hardwering kayak cags, BAs, thermals, throw bags and other equipment.

Mitchel Paddles are based in Chester are produce high quality top spec blades and paddles. They offer a range of sea, river and canoe paddles in a vareity of materials and styles.


Me and Pete have just returned from a two week trip to Israel running surf, whitewater and sea kayaking classes for Terra Santa Kayaks. The first few days were spent enjoying suprisingly good surf in nice warm water and sun. The guys getting to grips with bottom turns and diagonal runs.
I then moved north to the river Jordan for three days of white water coaching. A great river with the lower section being a fantastic continuous grade 3/4.

A few rest days were used to explore the country. A bit of a float in the dead sea, visit to Jerusalem and a night in the desert, all fantastic.
Thanks to Omer and Saggi and everyone at Terra Santa for all the houmous and for really looking after us.
For information about kayaking in Israel have a look at –

Kayak Repairs

With winter nearly here a lot of people are bringing there boats in for repair, ready for next season. Adventure Elements offer a fast and relaible repair service. http://www.adventureelements.com/boat_repair.aspx Recenlty we have been doing a lot of work on peoples fiberglass sea kayaks repairing star cracks and fitting keel strips. We are now also a certified installer of Kari Tek Skeg Systems and Roof Racks.
Full Dates for our 2008 range of courses will also be published on the website very soon.

Improvers Sea Kayaking

Mark and Steve had a days improvers course on the Menai Straits. The morning was spent looking at boat handling skills in strong winds, edging and efficient fowards paddling. The group then paddled up the straits towards beaumaris. As the wind was starting to pick up the team stopped for lunch before turning to head back into wind back to menai bridge, this gave the group a good opportunity to practice there efficient fowards paddling.
We finished the day by looking at some moving water skills on the Swellies. The group tried their hand at ferry gliding and breaking in and out.

Intro to Moving Water on the Dee

This Monday we took the Bartlam family on a days white water paddling on the dee. A chilly start saw clive and sue take an early swim. After some coaching the pair started to look a bit more confident and in control of there open boat. The rest of the group were in kayaks and completed the river from Carrog to Eddy Lines in Llangollen. Considering the group had done little in kayaks they did incredibly well and managed to stay the right way up all the way down. The group got of the water exhausted but having had a good days kayaking

Instructor Training on Anglesey

This week I have been working with a group form stubbers outdoor centre in Essex. A group of volunteer trainee instructors with mixed kayaking abilities. The first day we went to four mile bridge on Anglesey and looked at boat handling skills before going on a bit of a trip along the Cmyran Straits. The group finished of playing in the flow at the bridge and we looked at breaking in and out and ferry gliding. Nice weather meant that people didn’t mind taking the odd swim.

The following day was on the sea at porthdafach. A nice little swell meant that rockhopping (kayaking in and out of rocks below cliffs) was quite exciting for the group and perfect for practicing alot of the strokes they had been taught. After rockhopping left out of porthdafach the group went back to the beach for lunch before going on a trip from Portdafach to Treardaur Bay. Nice weather and a good sea state made for an enjoyable day on the water.

Skerries Trip

Another great forcast made a trip out to the Skerries on the North Coast of Anglesey a good option for the Day. James and Phil Clegg left from Cemlyn on the Ebb tide. After a quick play in the tidal race at Harry Furloughs Rocks we dropped down onto the skerries for lunch.

Big tides meant there was some fun to be had playing in the races and overfalls around the island. A tight ferry glide took us back to Carmel head before paddling back up to Cemlyn. Blue skies all day made for a really enjoyable day on the water.