DofE Gold Award Expeditions

Adventure Elements is a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Approved Activity Provider. We are one of the only companies in the UK that specialises in sea kayaking as a way of completing the expedition section, a part of each of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards.

A full DofE Gold Award Expedition experience costs from £60 per person per day. It is important that all participating groups are up to the required ability before they take part in their assessed expedition when large sections of the expedition will be remotely supervised. Our package aims to make sure that this standard is reached and includes training sessions, a practice session and the assessment.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about our Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award Expeditions:

Q:  How many days will it take?

A:  A normal group will require seven days training including a practice expedition and a four day assessment. We suggest splitting this over a two day training weekend, a five day practice trip and a four day assessment although within, DofE guidelines, this can be tailored to suit you.

Q:  How much experience do I need?

A:  As much or as little as you like. The 11 days suggested above should be enough to get most groups ready but if you are lacking in confidence or need some additional work on skills, we can easily do an extra training weekend.

Q:  I can already sea kayak

A:  If you have a group who can already sea kayak and can produce evidence showing that all have their new 2 star or are at that level, you probably won’t need the first training weekend so should be able to complete the award in just 9 days.

Q:  How many people?

A:  We work best with groups of six and the price above is quoted for teams of that size. You can have teams of as few as four but this will raise the price. (If you have a smaller group, try our open expedition or contact us and we could link you with another team).

Q:  Where will I do my expedition?

A:  We offer two set packages included in the price, including the North West of Scotland and Cardigan Bay. We have run Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award expeditions to both these areas before and both have a great deal to offer. We are however happy to consider other areas both in the UK and abroad and would encourage groups to think about where they want to go. We could, for instance, run amazing expeditions in Croatia or Norway but this would need to be discussed separately and would of course carry an extra cost. Check out our Expeditions page for some ideas.

Q:  What’s included in the price?

A:  The price includes all specialist sea kayaking equipment including wetsuits, buoyancy aids and kags, as well as boats and paddles. We can provide some camping equipment although requirements for this need to be made clear from the start. The price includes all instruction and overnight remote supervision, hostel accommodation for three nights and camping accommodation for five nights.

Q:  Whats not included?

A:  We have tried to avoid hidden costs.

  • You will need to plan and provide your own food for all days of the training and assessment.
  • You will need to provide your own transport although we may be able to help out with this for an extra cost.
  • You will need to provide some personal equipment including shoes to wear whilst kayaking, thermals and dry bags.

For more information about participating in an DofE Gold Award expedition with Adventure Elements contact us.