Guide Training

Intensive Sea Kayak Leader / Coach / Guide Training
November 2019 – Anglesey North Wales.

Adventure Elements and Kayak Essentials are combining to offer an exciting new Intensive Sea Kayak Leader / Coach / Guide training course.

Based on the island of Anglesey, this 4-week course will deliver a high-quality coaching experience, in a world-class training environment, with a dedicated focus on skill development.

Core training topics will include personal skills, group management strategies, problem solving skills, coach education, first aid training, expedition planning and leadership.

This training course is aimed towards individuals seeking to gain and develop skills relevant for all kayakers responsible for others on the sea. If you work as an outdoor educator, instructor or sea kayak guide, if you lead friends or club paddlers – this course will deliver important and relevant skills.

Who’s it for?
We are offering a variety of coaching pathways according to each student’s experience, goals and qualification level at the commencement of the course.

Minimum entry level:
You are welcome to apply for a place on the 2019 Sea Kayak Leader / Coach / Guide training program if you have the following minimum level of experience:

Confident boat handling skills in moderate open sea conditions
Rolling skills on flat water
18+ independent sea kayaking days, in a range of moderate open sea environments
With this level experience, we will provide coaching and preparation for the British Canoeing Sea Kayak Leader (moderate water) assessment during the 4-week training program.

Upper entry level:
We will offer training and preparation towards the British Canoeing Sea Kayak Leader (advanced water) assessment, during the 4-week training program, for students with the following experience:

British Canoeing Sea Kayak Leader award (moderate water)
– 24+ days experience leading groups in slight / moderate open sea conditions
30+ independent sea kayaking days
– following completion of the Sea Kayak Leader (moderate water) award
– in advanced conditions, in 3 different UK sea areas
If your current ability and experience currently lies between the described minimum / upper entry levels, we will work with you to agree clear outcome goals, during- and post-course, along with detailed action plans for future skill development.

For more detailed information concerning entry levels, course content, and possible outcomes , please read our Student Pathways document.

Course Content:
The training course timetable details the extent and level of training that all students will experience during the 4-week training program.

Download Intensive Leader / Coach / Guide Tra

ining Program PDF

Environmental and logistical factors will influence timing of specific training days; all students will complete the core elements of the training program, as detailed below:

All students can participate in a total of 24 dedicated training days
Coach: student ratios will be a maximum of 1:4
Students will train in environmental conditions best suited to their course aims.

All students will complete the following British Canoeing certification courses during the 4-week program:

Sea Kayak Leader Training / Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning
Advanced Sea Kayak Leader Training / Open Water Navigation & Tidal Planning
Guide Modules: Leadership, Trip Planning, Campcraft & Expedition Skills
Core Coach Training
Sea Kayak Coach Training *
* official attendance dependent on successful completion of Sea Kayak Leader Award
16-hour outdoor REC First Aid training
VHF Radio certificate
Depending on experience and progress, students will have the opportunity to complete one of the following assessments:

British Canoeing Sea Kayak Leader
British Canoeing Advanced Sea Kayak Leader
Students will also have the opportunity to complete a dedicated Adventure Elements / Kayak Essentials Guide Training endorsement (Coastal or Advanced).

Anglesey Outdoors is also our chosen base for the 2019 Sea Kayak Leader / Coach / Guide Training Program

The centre has excellent options and is situated in an ideal location – just one mile from Holyhead and close to many excellent training venues. Accommodation options include private rooms, bunkhouse, self-catering, camping, pods and yurts. There is a friendly bar on site, with catered options available – and a great drying room.

We recommend that all students choose their preferred accommodation option, and make arrangements directly with the provider. Anglesey Outdoors is an excellent, comfortable, affordable place to stay.

Equipment & Transport:
We have a selection of SKUK, P&H, Valley & North Shore sea kayaks, available for your use.
While we recommend that you use your own sea kayak, we appreciate that overseas visiting students will require equipment. If you do not own a sea kayak, we will provide one for the course.

We will also provide suitable transport to / from Anglesey Outdoors and our chosen sea kayaking venues each training day.

Personal Equipment:
We will provide all students with a detailed clothing / equipment list that they will need to bring for the duration of the course.

Course fee:
The total course fee (including 24 coaching / training days) is £1995 GBP.
This breaks down to less than £85 / day, and is based on a maximum coaching ratio of 1:4.

Booking Information:
This training course is a partnership between Kayak Essentials and Adventure Elements. You are welcome to book directly with either company, as we will duplicate all booking details for this course. Nick and James will share bookings and will work together throughout the 4-week course.

To confirm a place on this course (maximum 8 available), a 25% deposit (£500) will secure your place.

British Canoeing Fees:
All students wishing to complete British Canoeing Leader assessments during the training program will need to be full members of their Home Nation, when registering with British Canoeing for their chosen assessments.

We will provide advice on the registration process – students will be responsible for British Canoeing membership / registration costs, to be paid directly to the national governing body.

Please contact us for further information and advice concerning the suitability of this intensive Leader/ Coach / Guide training program.