Field Studies Learning

Adventure Elements has been using the outdoors to provide field studies learning that differs from your standard classroom experience for several years.

We take your standard field trip and add an adventurous twist to make sure the experience really sticks in students’ minds. We employ a qualified geography teacher who has already planned schemes of work: investigating long shore drift by surfing at Rhosneigr, looking at cave formation by taking on the role of a grain of sand being surged in and out of caves, coasteering right into the intertidal zone to look at changes in the populations of limpets and barnacles.

This innovative style of field studies learning is then backed up by classroom work in the evening and is reaping some excellent results. Students concentrate more during the day because they are having an enjoyable experience and these experiences are then easily remembered and linked to theory and knowledge in the classroom in the evening.

Our teacher is keen to be challenged and thinks he can teach any subject while using adventurous learning. He is already working on a Physics lesson looking at wave refraction from a sea kayak and a History lesson using sea kayaks to storm the coastal castles of Cardigan Bay.

Get in touch with us to see how your school might be able to make use of the outdoors to provide field studies learning and more about this innovative method of teaching. Call us on 07986 992254 or send us an email to We look forward to hearing from you.